Service Maintenence


Maintaining the integrity and lighting effects of low voltage systems


Litescapes will take you from conception to completion regardless of your outdoor project.  We know that customer service and superior expertise both go a LONG way.  Our clients appreciate our impeccable attention to detail & we listen to every client’s needs and wants and offer effective solutions to execute each job to your utmost satisfaction.


Litescapes provides service for all types of low voltage outdoor lighting systems. Services range from lamp changes to revamping entire systems. You may have an older system that works sporadically or not at all. We can repair or replace what is needed to make your system operate like new again or make the proper recommendations for getting the desired effect from your lighting.


You may have a lighting system that doesn't quite look as good as it once did.  As your landscape matures and changes, your lights need to be adjusted. The difference in moving a fixture a couple of feet or changing the angle a few degrees can have a dramatic effect on the look of your property. You need an experienced designer hat knows how to accomplish this.

An outdoor lighting system requires periodic maintenance to maintain the intent and look of the original lighting design.. Our service agreement consists of two yearly visits, in the spring and in late fall to properly maintain the system. The following items are included in each site visit:

1. Minor pruning of plants surrounding the fixtures that are obstructing the light pattern

2. Check light fixtures for damage

3. Clean fixture lenses

4. Re-aim fixtures to accommodate plant growth

5. Realign fixtures due to frost or soil heave

6. Clean the photo cell

7. Test the timer

8. Test the operation of the transformer

9. Test the photo cell

10. Check light fixtures for burned out lamps (excludes LED systems)


With regular service, your landscape lighting system will perform as designed, and enhance your property
for beauty and elegance season after season.




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