LITESCAPES will take you from conception to completion regardless of your outdoor project. We know that customer service and superior expertise both go a LONG way. Our clients appreciate our impeccable attention to detail & we listen to every client’s needs and wants and offer effective solutions to execute each job to your utmost satisfaction.

LITESCAPES provides service for all types of low voltage outdoor lighting systems. Services range from lamp changes to revamping entire systems. You may have an older system that works sporadically or not at all. We can repair or replace what is needed to make your system operate like new again or make the proper recommendations for getting the desired effect from your lighting.

You may have a lighting system that doesn’t quite look as good as it once did. As your landscape matures and changes, your lights need to be adjusted. The difference in moving a fixture a couple of feet or changing the angle a few degrees can have a dramatic effect on the look of your property. You need an experienced designer hat knows how to accomplish this.

Design & Installation

  • Services include conceptual design for LED systems and contract documentation.
  • The high quality fixtures we use, combined with our installation practices, increase the effect and longevity of your lighting project.

LED Conversions

  • LED landscape lamps can save up to 80% in outdoor lighting energy cost’s and can last up to 4,000 hours!
  • LED landscape lamps produce very little heat compared to halogen lamps. The LED landscape fixture is only slightly warm to the touch. Halogen 12 – volt landscape fixtures can cause burns to people, pets and plants.
  • In addition, LED lamps withstand bumps and knocks. Unlike incandescent lamps, LED bulbs don’t have delicate filaments which can be damaged due to movement of the fixture during maintenance or rough gardeners.

Existing System Upgrades

  • An existing system evaluation is available to determine if any repairs are needed or if there are upgrades that should be done.
  • Existing fixtures and components will be analyzed to determine if they are worth fixing or should be replaced or upgraded.


  • Outdoor lighting systems require maintenance to preserve the look and intent of the original lighting design.
  • Fixtures are adjusted due to frost heave or plant growth, lenses are cleaned, minor shrub pruning is done and lamps are replaced in some systems.
Architectural Lighting


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Architectural Lighting

Up lighting your home creates a welcoming environment after dusk. Proper designs can make architectural features such as brick, stone, peaks, columns and entryways stand out. LITESCAPES creates a custom design for your home to make sure that the beauty can be seen even after the sun goes down. Outdoor lighting is not only great for aesthetics, but also offers an additional element of security to your home.

Landscape Lighting


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Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting can be the thing that takes your yard from basic to bling. Like many things in life, less can be more and this is the case when it comes to landscape lighting. What makes a space special during the night is the play of light and dark, highlighting features that you may not take notice of during the day and creating contrast and shadows using the forms and plants in your yard.

Identify the features in your yard that you like. Maybe it’s a particularly stately tree or a unique piece of statuary. Add drama to areas that may not stand out during the day. A simple stone wall can take on a whole new personality at night when grazed with light and shadows.

Patio & Deck Lighting

Patio & Deck

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Patio & Deck Lighting

With custom fixtures and soft LED light, you can enjoy your deck, patio, stairs and seating walls anytime. Whether you are looking to highlight the beauty of a deck or just looking to maximize the safety of dark stairs, a lighting design can be formulated to meet your needs.

A deck or patio can add an amazing extra space to any home. Whether you are grilling out or entertaining friends, our custom lighting designs allow you to enjoy your outdoor living space at any hour without the hassle of harsh, direct flood lights.

Pathway Lighting


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Pathway Lighting

Whether you are lighting a garden or walkway, path lights provide a large spread of soft illumination to light your way. Whether it’s for safety, or for an elegant, aesthetic glow, our custom lighting design will ensure you can enjoy your gardens and pathways anytime. LITESCAPES uses pathway lights that are designed to get the maximum amount of light, using the least amount of fixtures. Avoid the ugly “runway” lighting design and gain elegance and beauty with a minimum amount of lights.