Why Choose Litescapes?


 The Litescapes Advantage


Most outdoor lighting contractors will likely fall into one of two categories: a national franchise, or a landscape or lawn sprinkler company.


Litescapes is different. Outdoor lighting is our only focus. We have experience working with both residential and commercial applications and we will find the BEST outdoor lighting solution possible for your needs. We work hard to
design a system that provides you with exactly the end result you are looking for!


Our mission is to educate our customers and give them the best lighting for their needs. We provide excellent products, thorough service, education,
and quality installation. We give importance to quality over quantity. We work with you to design a lighting system that meets your needs whether you are looking to illuminate your home at night, light your outdoor living areas for evening enjoyment, or brighten your pathways and driveways to provide
better safety for your home. We seek to fulfill all your outdoor lighting needs.


Litescapes provides a superior commitment to quality and design that
sets our lighting systems aside from the competition.



As the owner, I am involved in every installation project. With nearly 30 years
of experience in the green industry, I am experienced in all facets
of landscape/construction and how it relates to outdoor lighting systems.


We aren’t burdened by distractions of a contractor whose focus extends beyond lighting or the constraints of a national franchise.

Litescapes is outdoor lighting with a single passion serving Northeast Ohio.





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